The Lake Garda and especially the northern part, are worldwide very wellknown for its great biketrails! Monte Baldo, the 601, Monte Altissimo or Monte Tremalzo are a must-done for every biker! But it is not necessary to bike a extremtour - here, at the biggest outdoor playground, we do have for every biker the perfect tour! Especially the high plateau of Tremosine offer optimal conditions, because we are already at a heigt of 700 meters. In front of us, like sitting on a great terrace, we can enjoy the gallery of all the mountains: Passo Rocchetta, Mt. Tremalzo or Mt. Caplone are just a bit of the highlights, surrounding us!


Our guided Mountainbiketours:






very easy - Level 1 of 544,00 Eurofor PDF please click here


easy - Level 2 of 555,00 Euro

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medium - Level 3 of 566,00 Euro

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Lago di Ledro

medium - Level 3 of 566,00 Euro

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Technique Basic

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Technique Allround

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Privat guiding - your individual adventure

a little bit extra and your very personal individual adventure?

We do have a special Extra for you: PRIVAT GUIDING!

A Guide exclusively for you - completely privat!

How to book our tours:

For a definite reservation we just need a mail including the wanted tour and the period you will stay at Lake Garda. In case of uncertainty please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone. For a mail - please click here...

Furtheron please also the following Information from all participants: Name, gender, age, and body-height (in centimeters) from each of you. Further on please one mobile number, we you are reachable, just in case of short-term changes, etc…

Important: As you expect we will provide a proper and safe guided tour for you. In return we ask you to carefully think before booking, and then stick with it. We do not claim a deposit because we trust people, in the same way you can trust us. A short-term cancellation or no-show will cost us a lot of money, and because we are always guiding in small groups, you may have denied someone else the opportunity to go on tour with us.

Tecnique Courses:

For unpracticed Biker we do offer our technique courses. The skilled and well grounded Mountainbike-Guides always look what and how you are doing and correct immediately your possibly mistakes.

The Technique Course "Basic" is mentioned for the absolute beginners and procure the most important techniques: biking uphill, biking downhill, braking, how to act in curves, correct shifting and little obstacles. The Course "Basic" costs 44,- Euro p.P.

The Technique Course "Allround" is mentioned for Biker, who do have experience, but feel insecure on the bike. In addition to the content of the "Basic" Course, the obstacles are getting higher, the trails steeper and individuell problems are going to be solved. The Course "Allround" costs 66,- Euro p.P.