Technique course Allround

  • Technique course Allround
  • 88,-

The driving technique course Allround is the continuing daily course after the Basic. We will show you many tips and techniques to help you get up and down the mountain safely and easily. In the course Allround we show you easily understandable:

BALANCE: Riding slowly to a complete standstill.
DIRECTION: where to look when biking?
DEPARTURE: Sitting position and posture on the bike.
OBSTACLES: Riding on steps and bunny-hops.
FIRST AID: what to do in a bike accident?
FIRST HELP : the most important repairs. U.V.M.

After the course, the newly learnt skills are repeated and consolidated on a tour (up to Passo Nota and down offroad via the traverse console).

Difficulty “medium” – Level 3 of 5