Canyoning is guided here in Tremosine since 1992, and therefor one of the first Spots in Europe, Canyoning is undoubtedly one of the all-new adventure sports - come with us and you look forward to the wonderful world of Canyoning. You will pick up an unknown and untouched nature with new eyes from a new perspective.  During the canyoning you accompany, along with trained guides to the river on its way down Lake Garda. By climbing, sliding into the depths, jumping, swimming in crystal clear water and abseiling, will you enter new dimensions.

In small groupsizes - depending on the Level of the tour - max. 10 Guests per Guide, you will show you the Lake Garda from an unknown point of view! So we can guarantiee your fun and safe experience!

Except for the shoes (sneakers or sturdy trekking, which are wet), bathing suit and towel, we supply all the equipment (wetsuit, socks, helmet, harness and safety equipment) are available. Please do not forget change shoes and clothes!

As a special service we offer our free Picture-Service. Your Guide will make a lot of pictures with our waterproof cam and these pictures will be sent to you by a downloadlink, free of charge. So you will have an unforgettable memory and you can show your friends your excitement.

Our Canyoningtours

Name of tour





very easy - Level 1 of 544,00 Eurofor PDF please click here

Campione spezial

very easy - Level 1 of 555,00 Eurofor PDF please click here


easy - Level 2 of 566,00 Euro

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medium - Level 3 of 599,00 Euro

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medium - Level 3 of 588,00 Euro

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difficult - Level 4 of 599,00 Eurofor PDF please click here


difficult - Level 4 of 5
122,00 Eurofor PDF please click here


difficult - Level 4 of 5122,00 Eurofor PDF please click here


very difficult - Level 5 of 5155,00 Euro

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Privat guiding - your individual adventure

a little bit extra and your very personal individual adventure?

We do have a special Extra for you: PRIVAT GUIDING!

A Guide exclusively for you - completely privat!

How to book our tours:

For a definite reservation we just need a mail including the wanted tour and the period you will stay at Lake Garda. In case of uncertainty please do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone. For a mail - please click here...

Furtheron please also the following Information from all participants: Name, gender, age, body-height (in centimeters), cloth size and shoe size from each of you. Further on please one mobile number, we you are reachable, just in case of short-term changes, etc…

According to the European Data privacy act (EUDSGVO):  All personal data are solely used for preparation and execution of your tour and the necessary equipment. These Data are given voluntary! These Data will be saved temporarily (until day of the tour) and after finishing the tour these Data will be destroyed completely!



Sustainability and environmental conpatibility:

Since the beginning of year 2011 large parts of the natural park "Alto Garda Bresciano" nominated for ZPS (= Zone special protected) - an area with unique flora and fauna and unique habitat. A very careful treatment of nature is absolutely necessary! 

We are proud that SKYclimber is the first and currently the only tour-agency that has a positive environmental assessment available for the canyoning trips in the "Parco Alto Garda Bresciano"! Because of that only we can, licensed by "Comunitá Montana Alto Garda Bresciano", guide all the canyoning trips in the national park!



Environmental protection

Only the one who knows the environment can appreciate and protect it... solely SKYclimber owns a positive survey of environmental compatibility for  Canyoning in the National Parc „Alto Garda Bresciana“! Furthermore we participate right from the start the „Garda Green Line Tourism“ of GAL.